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Get started at The Vancouver Pilates Centre!

Discover Pilates    $85+gst

55-minute introductory private session

For those new to Pilates, this appointment allows us to review your physical history and wellness goals with you and introduce you to a variety of Pilates exercises. We will then recommend our best program options for you!

Please email to inquire about booking:

We offer a variety of Pilates programs whether you are looking for a personal equipment program or small group mat classes. 

A woman performs a shoulder stand on the reformer with her feet in the straps

Pilates Equipment

A woman performs a Pilates mat exercise

Pilates Mat Classes

The Pilates Method provides fitness training for
the thinking body. 

Joseph H. Pilates created this system of movement based upon his principles of whole body health, whole body commitment, and breath.  Pilates exercises are designed to re-educate the body to move in a healthier and more functional way, addressing the coordination of movement throughout the whole body.  Today, Pilates is recognized by many health professionals as providing an excellent bridge between physiotherapy treatments and returning to functional movement.

Benefits of Pilates

Strength - gradual weight loading allows for strength building without compromising joint function

Flexibility - promoting eccentric (lengthening) muscle contractions improves range of motion and helps prevent injury

Alignment - training muscle systems corrects structural imbalances and improves alignment with balanced muscle development

Mobility - joint compression is reduced, alleviating stress on joint structures and providing ease of movement

Awareness - balance, control and coordination improve while building body/mind integration

The key to getting maximum benefit from Pilates exercise lies in the accurate execution of the exercises, under the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher.


Consistent Pilates practice develops healthy movement habits, improving quality of life through a dynamic relationship with the body, mind and spirit.


"The joy and satisfaction that I experience as I become stronger, more flexible, and with better alignment of my body, is impossible to adequately convey.


I, at the age of 70, am stronger and more flexible than I have been for decades even though I have been physically active for most of my life. I had lost height as I was aging, possibly due to osteoporosis. However, during my four years at VPC, my height has been increasing... it is now only 1/4 of an inch less than when I was twenty!"


—  Leigh B

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