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ELDOA is a revolutionary technique using specific movements to decompress the joints of the spine, pelvis, shoulders and skull. 

VPC is the first studio to bring the ground breaking ELDOA Method to Vancouver!


ELDOA's are a series of specific movements designed to wind fascial chains in the body, creating tension on either side of a joint, and then elongating the movement to decompress the joint space.  Regular practice will promote optimal function while strengthening and normalizing  muscles and connective tissue along the spine and throughout the body.


ELDOA is a French acronym for "Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire", or more easily translated to “Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine”.  Developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer, DO, ELDOA is part of his SomaTraining program that also includes myofascial stretching.  Both of these techniques respect the functional tensegrity of the body using the organization of the fascial chains and human biomechanics.

Benefits of ELDOA

Improve posture, mobility, blood circulation, and organ function

Increase muscle flexibility with balanced muscle tone and performance

Reduce stress, excess tension, joint inflammation and muscle pain 

Promote faster recovery from injuries or sports training 

Relief of chronic pain in spine, hips and shoulders

Alleviate negative side effects associated with scoliosis, arthritis, disc degeneration and many other conditions.

And more!  The possibilities are endless with ELDOA! 

Myofascial Stretching


Myofascial Stretching is a strengthening and stretching technique that creates real and lasting change in the elasticity of the muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissue. All muscles are wrapped in connective tissue effectively linking them in chains throughout the entire body. It can be difficult to stretch muscles if the connective tissue is not elastic, much like trying to elongate muscles that are wrapped in leathery sleeves. 


Myofascial stretches put the fascia into tension to normalize the length and function of the fascia and muscle chains.  Regular practice will correct structural imbalances and release excess tension across the joints to reduce inflammation and pain. They will also help keep your muscles long and strong, complimenting your Pilates program or other activities such as various sports, dance, hiking or exercise training.  

Get started with ELDOA!

30 minute introductory in-studio private session 


If you are new to ELDOA, we recommend booking a private session in advance of your first virtual class. If you have acute or chronic back or joint pain you may need further private instruction to modify the basic ELDOA exercises prior to attending our virtual classes. One-time introductory offer. You may choose from either an in-studio or virtual private session. 

ELDOA Primer   $55+gst
ELDOA Virtual Primer   $75+gst

45 minute introductory virtual private session

Virtual Classes

Regular practice will promote optimal function while strengthening and normalizing muscles and connective tissue along the spine and throughout the whole body.  Currently we are offering two ELDOA classes and one Slow-ah ELDOA class weekly.

Introductory ELDOA

An introductory level class to introduce progressions of ELDOA postures. Learn key ELDOA language and a series of ELDOA postures to target the whole body, leaving you with an overall sense of well-being.

All levels welcome.


Open the body and benefit from an overall sense of strength and resilience! This class is for anyone with a basic understanding of the ELDOA method and its unique language used to execute the postures effectively.  Be prepared to move from sitting, lying down, being on all fours as well as balancing on the knees at times.  Some modifications will be given as needed - please consider a private session to address any specific issues.


Previous experience highly recommended.

Please note:  if you have any current injuries, are pregnant or have had surgery, you will need to be cleared with an instructor before attending class. If you are new to ELDOA consider signing up for a private session to help optimize your experience!


Myofascial Stretching 

Learn unique ways to stretch the fascia of the entire body, which is far more effective than stretching only muscle. Stretching fascia improves the quality of all tissues in the body in relation to each other, reducing stiffness and decompressing the joints in the body.

No previous experience required, but not suitable for anyone with a current serious injury, pregnancy, or hip and knee replacements unless cleared with an instructor first.

Please note: many postures are on the knees and at times can be rigorous to hold!


“The ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching classes have contributed a great deal to my increasing strength, flexibility and stamina.  I had lost height as I was ageing, however after a couple years of ELDOA my height has been increasing!” 


—  Leigh B