Discover your personal exercise program with an expert team of teachers.
Our program has been designed to:

Empower you towards whole body health - We give you the tools and guidance to realize your full potential.


Support you in creating a dynamic relationship with the body, mind and spirit - We are also committed to helping you get maximum results with a minimum attendance of 2 sessions/week.

Transform your movement habits to improve your life experience - Making change is always possible - we'll show you how!

Pilates Personal Equipment Program

60 minute appointments 2-3X/week

The VPC originated this unique format to ensure expert coaching while providing some independence in a safe environment.  Following your Welcome Package, and once you know your program, you can progress to our Pilates appointments for ongoing coaching with our expert team of VPC teachers (maximum of 4 students per teacher)


A minimum attendance of twice weekly is required to join our program in order to provide individual coaching and  development.  Our intention is to help you move forward and take ownership of your health and fitness! 


We offer a full workout schedule (Mon - Sat) for you to reserve appointments. Reserved standing appointment times are available to provide consistency and commitment.

Get started with a Welcome Package!
Welcome Package   $375+gst

5 - 55 minute private sessions

This series of private sessions prepares you to join our Pilates personal equipment program. We will design your personal exercise program using a selected Pilates equipment based on your individual needs. 

Pilates programs can be designed for: 

  •     General physical fitness

  •     Correction of postural habits

  •     Action specific training (sports, dance, occupational, etc.)

  •     Pre and post natal conditioning

  •     Rehabilitation from chronic or traumatic injuries

  •     Injury prevention through improved biomechanical function

Please email to inquire about booking: info@vancouverpilatescentre.com

Private Lessons
Private lessons can be scheduled with any of our highly trained VPC teachers. 
We recommend scheduling private sessions:
  • For home program design
  • At regular intervals for program development 
  • To review current physical concerns (injury, pregnancy or other physical changes) 
  • For ongoing rehabilitative exercise 
  • For re-entry to our Pilates personal equipment program following an absence of 4 weeks or more

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