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Coordination Patterns™ Training

Coordination Patterns™ Training

Would you like to learn to move with more ease and fluidity? Learn to recognize and reduce your body's response to stress to find easier ways to accomplish tasks and enjoy movement in our Coordination Patterns™ Training series.


Betsy Wetzig originally developed these easy-to-learn exercises as part of the Coordination Pattern™ Training, which explores the four distinct neuromuscular patterns that influence the way we move. This progressive series of classes is designed to release tight muscles and create more efficient movement habits that allow you to move and live with less tension, becoming loose, long, strong, and coordinated.

All levels welcome, but not suitable for rehabilitation (without permission of teacher).

Smokey Blossom


More dates to be announced soon!


Booking a single class within a series will be allowed, space permitting, beginning 24 hours in advance of the first class. From $38*.

*Price subject to gst. Advertised at our Bronze Member rate.

$15 annual membership fee applies to new and returning clients.

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