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Our teaching staff complete a comprehensive Pilates teacher education program with Dianne Miller, who is a leading figure in the continuing evolution of the Pilates method, and is known internationally as a 'teacher of teachers'. The VPC teaching team is invested in continuing education through the Franklin Method and Ron Fletcher work. Our teachers provide expert and consistent instruction from beginner to advanced levels. We respect both the tradition and the evolution of Pilates to bring you the best quality Pilates training!


Owner - Vancouver Pilates Centre

Program Director: VPC Teacher Education Program

Mairin Wilde

Mairin Wilde became the owner of the Vancouver Pilates Centre in 2005, following a professional association with her mentor, Dianne Miller, that began in the early 1980’s.. 


Mairin’s career as a movement educator began in dance, and since the mid-1980’s focused on the Pilates Method as the foundation for healthy movement. She was first introduced to the Pilates method by Dianne Miller in 1986, while they were both on the dance faculty of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. She continued her Pilates teacher training with both Dianne Miller and Ron Fletcher, and acted as Program Director of the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program (DMPTEP) from 1995 – 2020. This ongoing collaboration with Dianne Miller grew to become the renowned Dianne Miller Pilates Center, and evolved into the Vancouver Pilates Centre today.  Since 2005, Mairin continues to lead the VPC as a provider of excellence in Pilates training, with a superb staff of DMPTEP and VPC trained teachers.  


In addition to Pilates, Mairin's background includes ballet and contemporary dance, including performance, teaching dancers and movement for actors, as well as independent choreography. 

Her extensive background in movement modalities includes Pilates, Ron Fletcher Work, Franklin Method, Coordination Pattern Training, and ELDOA. 


Mairin Wilde is a lifelong learner who embraces the belief that any body can learn to move better and be more at ease in the world. With over 35 years of experience teaching movement, she specializes in creating rehabilitative exercise programs for a wide range of physical issues including scoliosis, joint replacement, arthritis, spinal dysfunction, Parkinson’s, etc. She believes that every person is capable of making positive change, and she is always ready to use every tool in her toolbox to help those who commit to that process with her. Her colleagues and clients continue to inspire her on the journey towards whole body health.


Certified Laban Movement Analyst (University of Washington) - 1985

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 1995

Qualified Teacher of the Ron Fletcher Work™ (Certificate of Merit) – 2001

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 3) - 2011

Coordination Patterns™ Training- 2015

ELDOA (Level 2) – 2016


Senior Pilates and ELDOA Teacher

Karin Cote

Karin began her Pilates training in 1998 in Edmonton, Alberta with Steve Bryson (a Dianne Miller trained teacher). She had previously earned a diploma in modern dance through Grant MacEwan community college and while pursuing a dance career, suffered knee injuries which led her to study Pilates. Karin moved to Vancouver from Alberta in 2000, completing the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Training Program and joined the VPC team shortly after. She is a Franklin Method Educator (Level 1 - 2012), and certified in ELDOA (Level 1 & 2). 


Karin considers herself lucky to have been involved in the arts and movement education from a young age. She finds it rewarding to help people make new discoveries about their bodies, making room for joy in movement and in their daily lives. Karen feels blessed to be a part of the VPC team. 


Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2000

Franklin Method Level 1 Teacher Training Program – 2012

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

Coordination Patterns™ Training Level 1 – 2015


Senior Pilates Teacher

Associate Program Director: VPC Teacher Education Program

Edmond Kilpatrick

Edmond Kilpatrick has dedicated his career to exploring the potential of the body in movement including twenty-four years as an elite professional dancer, over thirty years as a dance instructor, and eleven years as a Pilates teacher.


Prior to teaching Pilates, Edmond had a career as a professional dancer in two of Canada’s major ballet companies, and as an independent contemporary dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. He taught dance in many professional and pre-professional contexts including ballet and movement theatre for the School of Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University between 2008 and 2017.


Edmond began his Pilates practice with Dianne Miller in 2004 while still a professional dancer. He has taught Pilates at the Vancouver Pilates Centre since completing the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program in 2008. His Pilates teaching is enhanced by his training as a Level 1 Franklin Method Educator (2011) and ELDOA Level 1 certification (2015). 


Edmond has designed the VPC Teacher Education Program in collaboration with Mairin Wilde. His work on the curriculum is informed by his Master of Arts in Education degree from Simon Fraser University. His graduate work shaped the program in creating a structure that engages, challenges and supports students through layers of teaching, embodied learning and student-centred exploration that continually reinforces the learning experience. 


Diploma in Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School - 1990

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2008

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 1) – 2011

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

MA Education (Simon Fraser University) – 2018


Senior Pilates and ELDOA Teacher

Carolyn Woods

Originally from Alberta, Carolyn moved to Toronto in 1988 to pursue a career in dance. Carolyn danced with the company, Dancemakers, under the direction of Serge Bennathan for 16 years. As a part of their regular training, Dianne Miller was brought out every year to teach the Pilates mat work to compliment the rigourous demands of dancing full time. In 2004, recognizing the importance of Pilates, Carolyn travelled to Vancouver to complete the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program. She then taught at the The Pilates Centre of Toronto with Rucsandra Mitrea from 2004-2011. While in Toronto, she also trained in Myofascial Stretching and the ELDOA technique developed by renowned osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer. 


In 2011, Carolyn moved to Vancouver to join Mairin Wilde and the VPC team. Since then, she has completed the Franklin Method Teacher Training Program, Level 1 in 2012 and the International Teacher Training Level 1 Program in Kundalini Yoga, in 2014. Carolyn is known for caring and encouraging nature. Her main passion is to help others rediscover strength and confidence in their bodies. 


Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2004

Myofascial Stretching – 2005

Franklin Method Level 1 Teacher Training Program – 2012

International Teacher Training Level 1 Program in Kundalini Yoga – 2014

ELDOA Level 1 (renewal)– 2015

ELDOA Level 2 (renewal) – 2016

ELDOA Level 3 (renewal) – 2018


Pilates Teacher

Pamela Blackmon

Pam has been teaching fitness since 1982, starting her career in Health Sciences at UBC in Sports Nutrition and Healthy Weight Loss.  She is certified in BCRPA and has experience teaching all levels of fitness classes including Step, Ball, Bootcamp and Yoga.


In 2001 she discovered Pilates and this led to a passionate career as it revolutionized how she worked on her own body and with her clients.  After becoming certified through the Physical Mind Institute, she began pursuing her continuing education through the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program Level 1 theory modules at the Vancouver Pilates Center.  


 As an avid trail runner, Pam has completed 12 half-marathons and credits Pilates for keeping her injury free!  Some of her other hobbies include rowing with the Fort Langley Community Rowing Club, paddleboarding, kayaking and hiking.   



BCRPA Certification – 1982

Physical Mind Institute Certification – 2006

DMPTEP Modules – 2008


Pilates Teacher

Kathy Pomeroy

Kathy has been a dedicated student of Pilates for 20 years, and joined the VPC teaching team in 2016.  She comes from a background as a fitness instructor and personally found the precision and wisdom of Pilates before and after her hip replacements.  She is a graduate of the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program, studied Coordination Patterns™, The Franklin Method and ELDOA and is empowered by each method’s effectiveness in transforming the body and improving movement.  Kathy’s current passions are gardening, kayaking and West Coast Swing dancing. She is motivated to help others overcome physical challenges, develop strength and competence, find joy in movement, and be truly at home in their body.



Franklin Method Level 1 Teacher Training Program – 2012

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program - 2013

Franklin Method Level 2 Teacher Training Program – 2013

Franklin Method Level 2 Teacher Training Program – 2015

Coordination Patterns™ Training Level 1 - 2015

ELDOA Level 1 - 2015

ELDOA Level 2 - 2016


Pilates, ELDOA and Yoga Teacher

Marla Waal

Marla comes from an extensive background. She originally trained at the school of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and then started her professional career wtih Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal in 1990. She then danced with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago from 1994-1998. During her career as a professional dancer, Marla started studying yoga and Pilates for health and injury prevention. As her dancing days were winding down, Marla discovered a deep passion and love for teaching yoga. Marla has been teaching yoga since 1999, in styles ranging from very athletic Ashtanga/power yoga to the more gentle Yin and restorative forms of yoga.
In her pursuit to learn more, Marla discovered the work of Eric Franklin and this led her to the VPC, where she completed her Franklin Method Level 1 Teacher Training. In 2013, Marla became the first yoga teacher invited to teach at the VPC, embodying a complementary approach to teaching movement. Since joining the VPC, she has rekindled her interest in the Pilates method and has nearly completed the the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program. She is also certified in ELDOA (Level 1 & 2).



Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2013

Pain Care Yoga Teacher Training – 2015

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

Coordination Patterns™ Training Level 1 – 2015

ELDOA Level 2 – 2016

ELDOA Level 3 - 2018

Intern Teachers
VPC also provides internship opportunities for student teachers working towards their Comprehensive Teaching Certificates.  The following interns are currently fulfilling their requirements for each program.
Dianne Miller Pilates - Teacher Education Program
Martin Gotfrit
Caitlin Purvis
Tilly Schalkwyk
Vancouver Pilates Centre - Teacher Education Program
Nicole Vanderfleet
Lindsay Jongbloed
Administrative Team

Office Manager

Julia Sparrow

Julia joined our administrative team in May 2014 and has embraced the hustle and bustle of our front desk with calm competence and grace. Promoted to Office Manager in February 2015, Julia kept the front desk running smoothly, and in April 2016 she became Operations Manager to assist the owner, Mairin Wilde, in studio operations.
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Marketing Manager & Events Coordinator

Nicole Vanderfleet

Nicole joined our front desk team in June 2016. She travelled to Vancouver from Toronto, where she fell in love with the mountains and the natural beauty of BC and decided to stay! She comes from a background of Communications Studies, and brings a creative mind, resilience and a personable nature to the team at VPC. Her growing role at VPC has brought a refreshing outlook to our online community and includes a teacher training internship!



Linda Stelluti

Linda joined the front desk team in November 2016. She is passionate about holistic health and healing, as well as living life to its fullest potential.  She enjoys art, painting, meditation,  and sewing – Linda designed our very own VPC leggings!


Alison Vecchio

Alison Vecchio has been an Pilates enthusiast and a VPC member since 2012. She brings many years of experience in administration and volunteer work to the front desk, and always has a ready smile to welcome you. 

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