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Our teaching staff complete a comprehensive Pilates teacher education program with Dianne Miller, who is a leading figure in the continuing evolution of the Pilates method, and is known internationally as a 'teacher of teachers'. The VPC teaching team is invested in continuing education through the Franklin Method and Ron Fletcher work. Our teachers provide expert and consistent instruction from beginner to advanced levels. We respect both the tradition and the evolution of Pilates to bring you the best quality Pilates training!

Mairin Wilde

Owner - Vancouver Pilates Centre

Program Director: VPC Teacher Education Program

Mairin Wilde became the owner of the Vancouver Pilates Centre in 2005, following a professional association with her mentor, Dianne Miller, that began in the early 1980’s.. 


Mairin’s career as a movement educator began in dance, and since the mid-1980’s focused on the Pilates Method as the foundation for healthy movement. She was first introduced to the Pilates method by Dianne Miller in 1986, while they were both on the dance faculty of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. She continued her Pilates teacher training with both Dianne Miller and Ron Fletcher, and acted as Program Director of the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program (DMPTEP) from 1995 – 2020. This ongoing collaboration with Dianne Miller grew to become the renowned Dianne Miller Pilates Center, and evolved into the Vancouver Pilates Centre today.  Since 2005, Mairin continues to lead the VPC as a provider of excellence in Pilates training, with a superb staff of DMPTEP and VPC trained teachers.  


In addition to Pilates, Mairin's background includes ballet and contemporary dance, including performance, teaching dancers and movement for actors, as well as independent choreography. 

Her extensive background in movement modalities includes Pilates, Ron Fletcher Work, Franklin Method, Coordination Pattern Training, and ELDOA. 


Mairin Wilde is a lifelong learner who embraces the belief that any body can learn to move better and be more at ease in the world. With over 35 years of experience teaching movement, she specializes in creating rehabilitative exercise programs for a wide range of physical issues including scoliosis, joint replacement, arthritis, spinal dysfunction, Parkinson’s, etc. She believes that every person is capable of making positive change, and she is always ready to use every tool in her toolbox to help those who commit to that process with her. Her colleagues and clients continue to inspire her on the journey towards whole body health.

Certified Laban Movement Analyst (University of Washington) - 1985

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 1995

Qualified Teacher of the Ron Fletcher Work™ (Certificate of Merit) – 2001

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 3) - 2011

Coordination Patterns™ Training- 2015

ELDOA (Level 2) – 2016


Karin Cote

Senior Pilates and ELDOA Teacher

Karin began her Pilates training in 1998 in Edmonton, Alberta with Steve Bryson after suffering a knee injury while pursuing a dance career.  Karin moved to Vancouver from Alberta in 2000, completing the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program and joined the VPC team shortly after.


Karin first experienced working with the body's neuromuscular movement patterns with Dianne Miller in 2000, where she developed a strong passion for understanding the qualitative aspects of movement revealed through our personal movement signatures. Karin continues to study Betsy Wetzig’s Coordination Patterns and Dynamics Training™. This comprehensive knowledge informs her Pilates teaching, providing a unique method of helping people move at low tension. She is excited about helping people make new discoveries in their bodies while creating room for joy in movement and in their daily lives.



Grant MacEwan Community College - Modern Dance Diploma 

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2000


Franklin Method® Educator (Level 1) – 2012

Coordination Patterns™ Training Level 1 – 2015

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

ELDOA Level 2 – 2016


Edmond Kilpatrick

Senior Pilates Teacher

Associate Program Director: VPC Teacher Education Program

Edmond Kilpatrick has dedicated his career to exploring the potential of the body in movement including twenty-four years as an elite professional dancer, over thirty years as a dance instructor, and eleven years as a Pilates teacher.

Edmond began his Pilates practice with Dianne Miller in 2004 while still a professional dancer. He has taught Pilates at the Vancouver Pilates Centre since completing the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program in 2008. His Pilates teaching is enhanced by his training as a Level 1 Franklin Method Educator (2011) and ELDOA Level 1 certification (2015).


Edmond has designed the VPC Teacher Education Program in collaboration with Mairin Wilde. His work on the curriculum is informed by his Master of Arts in Education degree from Simon Fraser University. His graduate work shaped the program in creating a structure that engages, challenges and supports students through layers of teaching, embodied learning and student-centred exploration that continually reinforces the learning experience. 

Prior to teaching Pilates, Edmond had a career as a professional dancer in two of Canada’s major ballet companies, and as an independent contemporary dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. He taught dance in many professional and pre-professional contexts including ballet and movement theatre for the School of Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University between 2008 and 2017.

Diploma in Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School - 1990

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2008

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 1) – 2012

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

MA Education (Simon Fraser University) – 2018


Carolyn Woods

Senior Pilates and ELDOA Teacher

Originally from Alberta, Carolyn moved to Toronto in 1988 to pursue a career in dance. Carolyn danced with Dancemakers, under the direction of Serge Bennathan for 16 years. As a part of their company training, Dianne Miller was brought out every year to teach Pilates mat work to complement the rigourous demands of dancing full time. Recognizing the unique value of Pilates, Carolyn travelled to Vancouver in 2004 to complete the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program. She taught at The Pilates Centre of Toronto with Rucsandra Mitrea from 2004-2011. While in Toronto, she also trained in Myofascial Stretching and the ELDOA technique developed by renowned osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer. 


In 2011, Carolyn moved to Vancouver to join Mairin Wilde and the VPC team. Carolyn is known for her caring and encouraging nature and is passionate in helping others rediscover strength and confidence in their bodies.

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program – 2004

Myofascial Stretching – 2005

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 1) – 2012

International Teacher Training Level 1 Program in Kundalini Yoga – 2014

ELDOA Level 1 – 2015

ELDOA Level 2  – 2016

ELDOA Level 3  – 2018

ELDOA Level 4  – 2019

Pamela Blackmon

Pilates Teacher

In 2001 Pam discovered Pilates while teaching fitness, which revolutionized how she worked on her own body and with her clients. She began building a new career as a Pilates teacher training first through the PhysicalMind Institute, then continuing her education through the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program Level 1 theory modules at the Vancouver Pilates Center.  

Pam taught fitness from 1982 - early 2000's, starting her career in Health Sciences at UBC in Sports Nutrition and Healthy Weight Loss.  She is certified in BCRPA and has experience teaching all levels of fitness classes including Step, Ball, Bootcamp and Yoga.


As an avid trail runner, Pam has completed 12 half-marathons and credits Pilates for keeping her injury free!  Some of her other hobbies include rowing with the Fort Langley Community Rowing Club, paddle-boarding, kayaking and hiking.   

BCRPA Fitness Leader Certification – 1982

PhysicalMind Institute Initiation Pilates Teacher Training – 2002

Pilates Apparatus Instructor Training - 2006 

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program Continuing Education – 2008

ELDOA Level 1 - 2018

ELDOA Level 2 - 2018


Kathy Pomeroy

Pilates Teacher

Kathy has been a dedicated student of Pilates for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program and joined the VPC teaching team in 2016. Her experience with Pilates before and after her hip replacements demonstrated the value of Pilates in creating healthy movement. In addition to her background as a fitness instructor, she has also studied Coordination Patterns™, The Franklin Method and ELDOA.

Her extensive background motivates her to help others overcome physical challenges, develop strength and competence, find joy in movement, and be truly at home in their body. Kathy’s current passions are gardening, kayaking and West Coast swing dancing.

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 1)– 2012

Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program - 2013

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 2) – 2013

Franklin Method® Educator (Level 3) – 2015

Coordination Patterns™ Training Level 1 - 2015

ELDOA Level 1 - 2015

ELDOA Level 2 - 2016

ELDOA Level 3 - 2019


Caitlin Purvis

Pilates Teacher

Caitlin discovered Pilates at VPC in 2015 after she was injured in a car accident and spending several years dealing with severe chronic pain and mobility issues which hindered her ability to do what brought her the most joy - movement.  She credits Pilates for not only assisting in her recovery from her car accident, but regaining her joy of movement through increase in flexibility and strength, balanced muscles, alignment and enlivening her breath. Caitlin grew up dancing and playing sports at a competitive level.  She also studied and worked internationally in the humanitarian, education and luxury hospitality industries.  She is passionate about enjoying life and helping people engage in the activities they most love without limitations.  She believes Pilates is not just a means to rehabilitate, but can facilitates whole body health to move with ease throughout life.

National Pilates Certification 2020

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Intern Teachers
VPC also provides internship opportunities for student teachers working towards their Comprehensive Teaching Certificates.  The following interns are currently fulfilling their requirements for each program.
Martin G .jpg

Martin Gotfrit

Intern Teacher - Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program

Martin began Pilates in 1989 at Dianne Miller's Pilates studio and has been practicing continuously since.  He took an early retirement from SFU to do the teacher training with Dianne in 2016 to both teach as well as to deepen his understanding and technique. Pilates has been an integral part of Martin's life, contributing by virtue of the way it builds awareness of as well as organizes and strengthens the body. He enjoys teaching because it combines ongoing study, personal practice and the subtle skill of "seeing" the whole body in movement.  He appreciates the team environment at VPC and finds inspiration from each teacher's continual pursuit of their craft.  Martin also continues his 50 plus years as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.


Lindsay Jongbloed

Intern Teacher - VPC Teacher Education Program

Lindsay began Pilates at the VPC in 2015 and is currently participating in The Vancouver Pilates Centre Teacher Education Program.  She feels most alive when moving and Pilates has helped her move more freely and with ease.  She is looking forward to helping others find that ease of movement for themselves so they can take it with them into all aspects of their life. She grew up cycling, hiking and camping throughout B.C and still loves exploring and finding new surprising corners of Vancouver and the province!

Tilly Schalkwyk

Intern Teacher - Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program

Tilly started Pilates in 2001 when she had numb fingertips due to nerve compression in her neck.  After 2 years of Pilates for rehabilitation she continued to progress with her Pilates practice.  In 2016, after retiring from a 50+ year and career as a nurse, she began the teacher training program at the VPC with Dianne Miller.  Tilly brings her heart and experience from working with people as a nurse and is endlessly fascinated with the intricacies of each individual as they explore the possibilities of movement.

Administrative Team

Lila Hough

Operations Manager

Lila comes to us from sunny Australia, with a personality to match! She has a solid administrative background having worked in accounting support, events management and hospitality management. Lila is new to Pilates, but has quickly fallen in love with the practice.


Linda Stelluti


Linda joined the front desk team in November 2016. She is passionate about holistic health and healing, as well as living life to its fullest potential.  She enjoys art, painting, meditation,  and sewing – Linda designed our very own VPC leggings!

Alison Vecchio


Alison Vecchio has been an Pilates enthusiast and a VPC member since 2012. She brings many years of experience in administration and volunteer work to the front desk, and always has a ready smile to welcome you. 


Noelle Young


Many of you probably know Noelle as the diligent cleaner bustling around VPC, organizing the props by size, colour coding the head pillows, and enthusiastically bringing her attention to detail to bare in the space. Now she’ll be greeting you with a welcome smile at the front desk and is diving headfirst into the VPC Teacher Education Program with the aim of enriching her own life and the lives of others through Pilates.


Her experience studying with Toronto Dance Theatre in contemporary and modern dance informs her lifelong passion for movement as a form of expression and healing. With patience, kindness, and joy, Noelle is developing a new understanding of what it means to move her body with ease and intention through the practice of Pilates.