Gradient Ocean

Pilates Mat


Build core stabilization while balancing strength and flexibility.
Mat Fundamentals Package  $249+gst
55-minute private session


10 Class Series

Tues & Thurs

7:45 - 8:45 PM

Nov 3 - Dec 3


Join Karin Cote and learn the Pilates mat work safely and effectively in person! This 10 class series will prepare you to attend our virtual classes.


Benefit from a private session prior to the series to give you that extra personal learning experience and confidence to continue practicing the Pilates mat repertoire.

In-studio classes and private session, view our COVID-19 Safety Plan for more info.

This series is not suitable if you have current injuries or rehabilitative needs.

Please book your private session prior to Nov 3, the start of series.

Price subject to gst.

Mat Fundamentals classes suspended until further notice due to public health advisory

Virtual - Pilates Mat Flow

Experience the dynamic flow of the Pilates Mat Work at a continuous pace. This class is suitable for those familiar with the Pilates Mat repertoire and will challenge those who are familiar with Pilates equipment repertoire to learn new exercises.


Intermediate Pilates level


Exercise mat - thick enough to comfortably roll your spine across
Enough space - to extend arms to side while lying down

Learn how adding a towel to your home workout can boost the training effect throughout your body! Based on the work of Pilates elder Ron Fletcher, build core and upper body strength while improving flexibility throughout your spine, shoulders and hips. Easy-to-follow exercises progress from the floor, to sitting, to standing. Feel your body come alive!


All levels welcome

Exercise mat
Bath towel

Small pillow or pad for head support

Virtual - All Levels Towel  

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