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Discover Pilates at Canada's original Pilates facility!

Offering Pilates, ELDOA™, Myofascial Stretching, Coordination Patterns™, and the Franklin Method® for whole body health!

The Vancouver Pilates Centre is dedicated to providing exceptional movement education in our community, honouring both the tradition and the evolution of the Pilates method to promote whole body health.

Our teaching team embraces a cooperative approach to physical learning, with consistent attention and creative exploration stimulating each individual's learning process. We strive to ensure that every student is a reflection of our success, creating a safe environment for transforming the body, informing the mind, and enlivening the spirit.

Vancouver Pilates Centre
Teacher Education Program

We are excited to announce the dates for our 2023 Level 1 intake!

Become the best Pilates teacher you can be at Canada's original Pilates studio.

Pilates Teacher Education Program

We are excited to announce details of our NEW expanded curriculum for our unique 

VPC Pilates Teacher Education Program.

Request your Starter Kit now for further information about the Program Directors, course outline and prerequisite details.

Our next Level 1 will start in the fall of 2025.

Start preparing now!

Woman performing a Pilates mat exercise
A male Pilates teacher provides a correction to a female student practicing on the reformer

Discover Pilates at VPC!

Discover Pilates

55-minute private session   $85+gst

This introductory appointment, for those new to Pilates, allows us to review your physical history and wellness goals and teach you a variety of mat and equipment Pilates exercises.


We will then recommend our best program options

for you!


"Vancouver Pilates Centre is the best. I can't thank them enough for coaching me through multiple injuries from shoulder to hip to ankle.  Getting a custom Pilates program was what got me back on the trails, soccer pitch and bike...and sticking with it keeps me going!"


—  Megan T

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719 West 16th

Vancouver, B.C.

V5Z 1S8   


and receive whole body health tips and updates on news and events at Vancouver Pilates Centre!

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