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Healthy Back Clinic

Healthy Back Clinic

Embodying healthy movement is one of the key things you can do towards maintaining a healthy back. If you are experiencing back pain (or have in the past) this series can help you recover the quality of life that a functioning, happy spine can give you.

This progressive series of 8 classes is packed with information to give you a better understanding of healthy spinal movement, with easy-to-learn exercises that will improve your ability to move your spine in a healthy way.


Discover how your spine can support and move you forward towards joyful and pain-free living!

Open to all levels.

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More dates to be announced soon!


Booking a single class within a series will be allowed, space permitting, beginning 24 hours in advance of the first class. From $38*.

*Price subject to gst. Advertised at our Bronze Member rate.

$15 annual membership fee applies to new and returning clients.

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