The Franklin Method offers a fresh approach to healthy movement that develops our capacity for change using the power of dynamic imagery. It is fun to learn, and can be applied to any physical activity, at any skill level, where results can be both rapid and dramatic.

"The lives we live shape the brains we develop" - Eric Franklin

The fundamental ways that we sit, stand, and walk provide a training effect that influences every movement we do. Exercise is simply a continuation of our current movement practice. We already have everything we need to embrace positive change - our bodies and our imagination.


All VPC teachers are certified as Franklin Method educators (Level One). Mairin Wilde and Dianne Miller are certified as Franklin Method educators (Level Three). We are very excited to offer the Franklin Method to our Pilates clients and the Vancouver community. The Franklin Method provides a simple and effective approach to changing movement habits for a healthier lifestyle.


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Personal Tutorials 

Have you ever wished for a user’s manual for your body? Why do some movements seem to happen easily and others take more effort? Knowing how the body is actually designed to move using accurate anatomical imagery can be the key to developing new movement habits that will increase your shelf life – and your ability to move with ease, free of pain or stiffness.


The Franklin Method can be used as a personal training tool to:


  • Improve posture and balance

  • Increase efficiency in daily activities

  • Reduce stress

  • Enhance performance

  • Recover from injuries


Your Franklin Method educator will assess your movement patterns, and introduce valuable anatomical imagery to help you discover better ways to move. A personal Franklin Method plan can include home exercises for soft tissue release, conditioning, and imagery. Personal tutorials can be scheduled as individual sessions, or, as a series.


60 min Tutorial (private) -- $105

Package of three 45 min Tutorials (private) -- starting at $240


Call now to schedule your appointment at 604-879-2900. We encourage you to download and complete our intake form and waiver to scan and return to us by email. You may also bring your completed intake forms to your first appointment. 



Franklin Method Workshops

All of the Franklin Method workshops are offered as 2.5 hour introductory workshops (except for Healthy Movement through Imagery which is 1 hour). Workshops are offered at the studio but may also be booked at offsite locations and can be tailored towards specific professions, sports and daily activities.


Healthy Movement through Imagery


The power for change lies in each of us. This signature 1-hour Franklin Method workshop will reveal your natural flexibility and increase your power to move in minutes. Imagery is an effective tool that can be used to discover your hidden potential for more efficient movement and improved health. Learn imagery exercises to:


  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Make dynamic alignment effortless

  • Increase confidence and release tension



Pelvic Power for Core Integration


Connect to your true core by increasing the power, alignment, and flexibility of the pelvis. The pelvis is a major hub of the body, connecting our upper and lower body. Its design provides support for the spine and freedom for the legs, enhancing force absorption for the whole body. In this workshop you will learn:


  • To safely move your lower back, protecting your knees and feet, to create a healthy spine

  • Simple techniques to train and balance the pelvic joints and muscles

  • The natural bone rhythms of the pelvis to balance joint action

  • How dynamic alignment of the sacrum creates safe and efficient movement

  • The benefits of proper core integration 



Free Your Neck and Shoulders


Learn to relax your neck and liberate your shoulders using the power of imagery and easy-to-learn exercises. Melt away tension and relieve anxiety to restore the natural mobility of the arms, shoulders, and neck. Experience how your shoulders are designed to move and feel. In this workshop you will access your ability to:


  • Lengthen and balance the neck and shoulder muscles for smooth joint action

  • Release holding patterns in the upper body that may restrict movement

  • Create balanced and dynamic posture



The Healthy Spine


Many of us aspire to have strong and flexible spines, but few achieve this goal over a lifetime. The complex design of the spine requires conscious maintenance with balanced posture and efficient movement practices. Through experential anatomy and visualization in this workshop you will learn: 


  • Revolutionary therapeutic interventions to help restore healthy joint function and strengthen the muscles, discs, and joint structures

  • To embody the design of the spine and the interactions between the vertebrae, discs, and ligaments which strengthen and support the spine

  • How practicing simple imagery and movement exercises improve dynamic range of motion, and contribute to lengthening your spine's shelf life



Happy Feet for Life


Our feet carry us throughout our life, yet most of us are not aware of the amazing design that makes this possible. They propel us forward, adapt to terrain, and serve as both a foundation and as sensory organs. Let the Franklin Method® show you how the design and function of your feet can create a resilient and dynamic base. Learn simple exercises that will increase power, improve balance, and enhance force absorption for happier, healthier body. In this workshop you will:


  • Organize your dynamic base with insight into the functional anatomy of the foot

  • Learn imagery exercises for creating strong and agile feet

  • Practice Franklin band exercises to strengthen muscles of the feet and ankles

  • Improve your relationship with your feet for better posture, balance, and efficient movement



Strong and Flexible Knees


As the largest and most challenged joint in the human body, the state of our knees greatly affects our mobility. Healthy aligned knees can deal efficiently with the demands of everyday movement. Incorrect alignment and lack of adequate training can quickly cause knee pain as ligaments, joints and muscles are strained. In this workshop you will: 


  • Create optimal health for your knees using imagery based on anatomical design

  • Discover how knees move, and how each function relates to your hips and feet

  • Integrate correct movement of your knees for stability, gait, and flexion

  • Learn to use imagery to help your knees adapt safely and remain healthy, strong and flexible for a lifetime



The Psoas Muscle: Activate Your Inner Core


Unravel the mystery of finding your core with the discovery of your "inner" core giants - the psoas and iliacus muscles (iliapsoas). Due to its central location, the iliapsoas is a key element in biomechanical efficiency. With proper training, this lumbar hugging muscle system creates optimal pelvic and spinal alignment, liberating the lower back and hip joints. In this workshop you will:


  • Release your lower back, free your neck and relax your shoulders

  • Enjoy full flexibility in your hip joints and spine

  • Improve your ability to balance to help feel more grounded and stable

  • Create more ease of movement in walking, running and sitting



Breathing for Life: What is good breathing?


Something that we do so automatically can affect every aspect of our lives including: digestion, circulation, immune function, energy, posture, and stress relief. Yet the truth is most of us don't know how breathing actually works. Explore the mechanics and physiology of breathing through easy-to-do imagery, voice and movement exercises. Learn and experience:


  • How breathing works and what it actually means to breathe well

  • How breathing can improve your endurance and flexibility

  • How to feel more present, calm and energized from within



Imagery for Healthy Organs


In the western world, organs are generally not considered when training the body. Yet the organs carry out important physiological functions in maintaining and renewing the body. Organ training with imagery can:


  • Improve movement, posture, flexibility and strength

  • Stimulate the function of the organs

  • Inform how the diaphragm and organs interrelate, affecting mood and relaxation

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