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Pilates Practice at the Studio


Virtual Pop-up Workshop: Ring of Fire

with Mairin

Thursday, November 25

6:35 - 7:30 PM

$35* full-price ~ or see "Ring of Fire" promotion below!


Add a new secret weapon to your Pilates practice!


Join us for this special virtual pop-up workshop featuring easy-to-learn Magic Circle exercises. Featuring the VPC's "Ring of Fire" exercise series, you will be amazed at how effectively you can target specific muscle systems to build strength fast. Discover the magic of the circle while on the mat, sitting or standing! All you need is a Magic Circle, a mat, and a chair with a back (for support in standing exercises).


Joseph Pilates originally designed the small barrel (which he named the Spine Corrector) using repurposed beer kegs. He then used the remaining metal rings from the kegs to design his "Magic Circle".


This ingenious design became one of Pilates' most popular and portable fitness tools, with exercises that can be incorporated into your studio workout, or used for home practice for that extra training edge.


If you do not already own a Magic Circle, you can purchase one prior to the workshop at the VPC. Choose one of 4 designs (see details below).

Spots are limited so sign up now, and save with our "Ring of Fire" promotion - $10 off your Magic Circle purchase, PLUS 50% off the workshop!

Circles can also be purchased separately from the workshop using your VPC member discount.

*Price subject to gst.

Member discounts do not apply towards virtual services.

Make-ups are not redeemable towards this service.

Join us for Ring of Fire

Email us to sign up for this great virtual pop-up workshop!

If you are not already a VPC Member, please contact us well in advance of the workshop so we can set up your account.

Magic Circles in stock at VPC

Ultra-Fit Circle Mini

Regularly $59.95*

A smaller diameter circle for smaller body types or beginners

Ultra-Fit Circle

Regularly $69.95*

A medium weight circle for a greater range of exercises

VPC Spring Circle

Regularly $89.95*

A heavy-weight circle using Joe's original design with wooden handles. Made locally! (limited supply)

Flex Ring Toner

Regularly $109.95*

An updated heavy-weight version coated in rubber with slender handle design to fit most body types

*Prices subject to taxes.

Member discounts apply if purchasing a Magic Circle without signing up for the Ring of Fire workshop.

While supplies last.

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