Virtual VPC

We can still be moving together while staying apart!

We have a variety of classes to keep you motivated, moving and calm.

Virtual Class Pricing

Single class - $22

5-class package - $95 

10-class package - $175 

Prices subject to 5% GST. Inquire for student rates. 

Virtual Private Sessions

Would you like help customizing a home program? 

Or are you new to Pilates and would like to attend virtual VPC classes?


We are available for virtual private sessions to teach you exercises you can do at home or add to a home program you may already have. We will be scheduling a limited number of 45-minute virtual private sessions via Zoom.

Currently we are accepting requests for virtual sessions with Edmond, Carolyn or Mairin.

Please email to inquire.

45 minute virtual private session - $75+gst

New members
Current members

Valid for Introductory ELDOA and Basic Pilates Mat & Towel classes only.


I’m not sure why my knee was acting up, perhaps all the crazy hill walks we’re doing since being home bound. It was so sore and troublesome, and I was doing everything I could: ice, anti-inflammatory ointment, Tylenol and some exercises I had learned previously. Nothing was really working, so I decided to see if a virtual private Pilates lesson might help. I was lucky to get one very soon after asking. The teacher was able to assess my kinaesthetic chain and develop a plan of action over the web with the assistance of my husband as the human “tripod” for my iPad. 

Three days later, after almost a month of pain and my knee not feeling right, the pain is gone and my knee is feeling much better. I am so grateful, once again, for the resident knowledge and expertise at the Vancouver Pilates Centre. I can now look forward to riding my new bike, and all the pleasure I get from walking and cross country skiing. Thank you VPC!”

—  Lynne W (VPC member since 2006)

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