Body Logic Workshop Series

Taught by owner Mairin Wilde

Dates and times to be announced!

These unique workshops will give you an owners manual for your body! 

Do you have difficulty sitting or kneeling, or getting up and down off the floor? Are there movements you avoid doing because they feel awkward or create discomfort?


Learn to move in a better way with our Body Logic Workshops!

We have designed these workshops to optimize your physical experience using the unique Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ originated by Eric Franklin.  Each workshop will incorporate the Franklin Method® approach using to postural and movement education while focusing on a different area of the body.  Postural habits unconsciously affect every movement you make and understanding the body's design and function can reveal new choices to promote better habits.


These unique Body Logic workshops will use easy to learn terminology, imagery and exercises that you can immediately begin practicing in your Pilates workouts and every day movement. Leave each workshop with new tools for a better way to live in your body!

Change your movement!  Change your life! 


per workshop

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