VPC's COVID-19 Safety Plan

Send us your agreement!

You will be asked to sign your agreement to this plan prior to arriving for your first visit to the studio.  Please download and email us a signed copy to info@vancouverpilatescentre.com

Equipment and mats have been spread out to allow for physical distancing during appointments. 

  • For equipment programs, you will have your own reformer, mat, and spine corrector for personal use during your appointment.


Shared exercise accessories have been removed 

  • (i.e. balls, bands etc.). 

  • You are welcome to bring your own; we will have a limited supply of new and used items for purchase.


A Plexiglass barrier has been installed at our front desk. 

  • We will not be accepting cash transactions. Only electronic payments will be accepted (credit or debit).

  • NEW! We now have the ability to securely store credit cards on your account for no-contact payments, at your request. 

Studio Set-up


Personal non-medical masks must be worn while in the studio. 

  • VPC will have limited disposable non-medical masks by donation if you forget yours. 

  • We are prepared to make exceptions where there is a medical reason preventing you from wearing a mask, with advance notice in order to arrange for additional physical distancing.


In an effort to limit communal/shared items, bring your own:

  • Filled water bottle; we will have water bottles for sale if you forget yours.

  • Personal exercise accessories (balls, bands, sticky pads, etc.)


Arrive in your exercise clothing when possible: 

  • Change rooms will be single occupancy only.

  • Our spare clothing cupboard will not be available. 


Personal responsibility - Do not enter the studio if:

  • You, or anyone in your immediate household has had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days, including:

    • fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches, or headache.

  • You, or anyone in your immediate household is self-isolating or quarantined due to either: 

    • illness, contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days or travel outside of Canada in the past 14 days.


Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel due to COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolation or due to close contact with someone who has symptoms, our late cancellation fee will be waived. All subsequent in-studio appointments will be automatically cancelled by VPC for 10 days (no charges will apply for COVID-19 related absences).

Before You Arrive


Studio Access

  • Entry will be by appointment only. Visitors and guests will not be permitted.

  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands immediately upon entering.

  • Please arrive up to 10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment in order to be at your workout station when your appointment begins. 

  • VPC will supply each member one reusable bag to keep all personal belongings, including outerwear, with them while in the studio. 

  • Shoes must be removed upon entry and left on the designated shoe rack.

  • Limit front desk interaction; whenever possible communication should be done via phone or email.

  • All appointments must end on time to allow for equipment cleaning and disinfecting.



  • Maximum occupancy will be 20, including VPC staff. 

  • Occupancy in our lobby area is limited to 2 people.

  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet (2 metres) is required whenever possible.

  • Single-person occupancy limit for bathrooms, change rooms, staff kitchen and staff rooms, small office areas, and hallways.


Traffic flow

  • Entry via front door only; exit via our rear stairwell only (into rear parking lot), except for the last appointment of the day.

  • VPC staff will sign you in, retrieve your program and assign your reformer.

  • Gather any accessories required for your program as soon as you enter and then go directly to your assigned workout station.

When You Arrive


VPC Staff

  • Teaching staff will be required to wear non-medical masks during all appointments.

  • Administrative staff will be required to wear non-medical masks when not behind the front desk plexiglass barrier.

  • Teaching staff will be using verbal and visual cues only, and refrain from tactile cueing.

  • VPC staff will not be permitted to work when sick or directed to self-isolate/quarantine.


Equipment and High Touch Areas 

  • VPC staff will clean and disinfect all equipment after each appointment and high-touch areas throughout the day.

  • Shared equipment will not be available for use during Personal Equipment Program appointments.



  • Windows will remain open during operating hours.

  • Fans will be placed strategically to allow for more fresh air flow.

  • VPC staff will be solely responsible for fan and filter placement and operation, and maintenance.

  • Percussive breathing will not be permitted while COVID-19 protocols are in place. 

Cleaning & Hygiene


We appreciate your patience as we enter this new phase of VPC operation. We will continue to monitor Public Health guidelines and update our protocols as required. As information can change rapidly, please note we may be subject to decreased capacity at any time.

Ongoing Monitoring