Class Schedule

We offer an exciting choice of classes to lift your body and spirit! 
Regardless of your age, body type, or current level of fitness we have options for beginning your VPC experience!

        No experience required. 

Classes are 55 minutes. We will offer a 45-minute semi-private for 2 people, and a 30-minute private for 1 person.

Teaching staff subject to change without notice.

Holiday Closures: April 10 & 13

Class Descriptions 


Introductory Pilates Mat 

This series is taught in a small group setting and will prepare you to drop into our Pilates classes. Offered as a progressive 6-class series to introduce you to the basic Pilates Mat and Towel repertoire. Not intended for individuals with rehabilitative needs.

PILATES Build tone with strength and flexibility through traditional Pilates Mat and Pilates Towel exercises (Ron Fletcher Work™). We provide modifications and progressions of exercises to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Participation in these classes is based on current skill level and requires knowledge of the repertoire or participation in our Jumpstart Pilates series. 

Pilates Fundamentals -  Join us for a back-to-basics approach to the classical Pilates Mat Work. Suitable for all levels, whether you have just completed our Jumpstart Series, need a mat work refresher or want to build your mat repertoire.

Pilates Flow - Experience the dynamic flow of the classical Pilates Mat Work at a continuous pace. Suitable for those familiar with Pilates Mat Fundamentals and are ready for more challenge. 

ELDOA Developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer, ELDOAs are specific postures that progressively create tension along complex fascial chains to make space in the joints. This strengthens and normalizes the function of the connective tissue along the spine and throughout the body. VPC is the first to bring ELDOA to Vancouver!


ELDOA PRIMER - If you are new to ELDOA, we recommend booking this 30-minute private session in advance of your first class. This is especially important if you have acute or chronic back or joint pain, as you may need modifications to the basic ELDOA exercises. One-time introductory offer.


ELDOA All Levels - Entry-level class designed to progressively build the skills required to practice the basic ELDOAs. All levels are welcome.


SLOW-AH ELDOA - If you have agility issues or have trouble getting up & down, this class is paced to accommodate transitions between poses and allow time to set up modifications. All levels are welcome.


ELDOA Intermediate - A faster-paced class using a more intense series of ELDOAs that requires a thorough understanding of the ELDOA principles. Pre-requisite: previous ELDOA experience and permission of teaching staff.



MYOFASCIAL STRETCHING - Strengthening and stretching techniques that create real and lasting change in the elasticity of muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissue. This class incorporates precise postures to target the muscles within a fascial chain. This provides a safe and effective way to correct structural imbalances, creating less overall tension in the body. Open to everyone.

Introductory Drop-in Class Offers!

30-Day Unlimited


Unlimited drop-in classes for 30 days.


All classes included.

Pilates classes require

previous experience.

See Jumpstart Series to get started.

New members only

 3-Class Sampler


(3 week expiry)

Take any combination of the following

drop-in classes:

ELDOA All Levels

Myofascial Stretching 

Body Patterns 

 New members only 

Class Rates

Drop-in Class


10 Class Package


12 week expiry ($10 / 3 week extension)

20 Class Package


12 week expiry ($20 / 3 week extension)

ELDOA Primer (30-minute private session)


(One-time introductory offer)

Jumpstart Pilates (6-class series)


  • All fees subject to GST.

  • Registration is subject to annual $15 VPC membership fee.

  • Class Packages can be used for any of our Pilates, ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, or Body Patterns™ classes (excluding Jumpstart Pilates Series).

  • Fees are all pre-paid, non-refundable, and non-transferrable.

  • Extensions for Class Packages must be purchased within one week of expiry.

  • Refunds for class series will only be issued up to 3 days before a series commences, and will be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.

  • Student rate with valid ID; Drop-in $16, 10-class package $135; Jumpstart Pilates Series $89.

  • 24 hour cancellation policy applies for pre-registered classes.


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