"Training the body also trains the mind."

Our Body Patterns method is based on the work of Betsy Wetzig and her Coordination Patterns™ Training.  She has uncovered 4 different energy and movement patterns that empower us to achieve balance and wholeness in our bodies. 


At VPC we value whole body health.  We want to empower our members to explore their potentials of a whole balanced body and mind so you can live your best life. 


Our goal with the Body Patterns is to understand the 4 movement patterns and which ones we feel at home in, which ones we have to exercise and the overriding habits we have to let go of.   

*Introduction to 4 patterns*

We all have holding patterns in our bodies that cause us tension, pain, emotional distress or an inability to relax, breathe or let go of a hard days work.  These habits can lead to imbalance in flexibility, strength and coordination of our muscles. 


We also have patterns that we are comfortable and excel in, that reduce tension in our bodies and give us joy!  Do you know when you are moving, behaving and thinking as your true self?  Everyone has a different way of moving that feels comfortable to them.


Do you know the feeling you get when you are at home in your body? 

Discover how to recognize the patterns that are overriding and creating tension in your body and also those patterns that allow your body to feel open, joyful and at ease! 

We are what we practice!  In our Body Patterns class, we practice mindful movements that reveal our chronic tension areas, which allow us to re-pattern our nervous system with new, healthier habits.  Learn how to find balance between the 4 patterns and blend each different way of moving to make your life easier. 


Having delighted in the new- found capabilities of my body, I certainly did not imagine that there was another level of change possible.... until I tried out your Body Patterns class.  It has added another level of joy and freedom of movement to my life, and it is such fun! The discoveries that my body makes as we do enjoyable and freeing movements seem to be at a level of body awareness where language is irrelevant.  I experience the processes as a playful, experimental and nonverbal conversation with my body.  


There is an energized fluidity in my entire body.... I feel strong and relaxed, flexible and integrated.  Cycling is my primary and preferred mode of transportation, and after my coordination patterns class, my body effortlessly zooms me up hills, with such a feeling of ease and strength that, the first time it happened, I was stunned... I stopped for a bit, and then headed off again, wondering if that extraordinary fluidity and strength was still there- and it was! 

—  Leigh Bowie

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